WE MOW LAWNS! - Arial Narrow - 28 - BoldOur service includes mow, line-trim and dispersal of grass clippings from hard surfaces (such as your driveway, patio and walkways).


 Here is a detailed break-down of our service:

Lawn Mowing

lawn mowerWe use commercial-quality walk-behind lawn mowers.

For your lawn’s health, we will mow the grass 6.25cm (2.5″) high. This is the shorter side of the recommended mowing height of 6.25cm to 7.62cm (2.5″ to 3″) which will leave your lawn looking manicured and green while insuring its health.  Mowing your lawn at this height gives the grass blade the proper amount of surface area for photosynthesis to occur, which results in building deeper and healthier roots. The better root system your lawn has, the more drought, disease, insect and weed resistant it is.

The grass clipping are left on the lawn to replenish the soil, but we will ensure that there are no clumps showing before we leave your property. The clippings decompose quickly and release a free source of organic nitrogen to fertilize your lawn which promotes steady grass growth. It is estimated that grass clippings alone can account for around 30% of your lawn’s required nutrients. Also, microorganisms and earth worms digest the grass clipping remnants and help to maintain healthy soil.



A line trimmer is a hand-held device that is used to cut grass in areasLine Trimmer - BPINC
that a lawn mower cannot reach, or are too steep for a lawn mower to navigate safely.  They are especially useful for areas next to garden beds, foundations and fences.


Blow Away Clippings

leaf blower - BPINCOnce your lawn has been mowed and trimmed there are usually grass clippings on the hard surfaces surrounding your lawn (ie: driveway, patio and walkways).  We will blow the clippings back onto the lawn to give your property a clean and finished look.