Here is what some of our customers have said to us:


“Warren, I was so pleased with your service.” – Ivona J., Burlington, ON (Customer for 2 years)


 “Warren, thanks for your hard work, it was a huge help.” – Lisa M., Oakville, ON (Customer for 1 year)


 “Warren, thanks for all of your hard work with my grass this summer.” – Sandra C., Burlington, ON (Customer for 8 years)


“Warren. Thank you for providing great lawn service for our house.” – Hilton C., Oakville, ON (Customer for 1 year)


“Warren, REALLY beautiful job on the lawn today…thank you!” – Howard C., Burlington, ON (Customer for 7 years)


“Thanks Warren. You are doing a great job.” – Branko V., Oakville, ON (Customer for 12 years)


Thank you so very much for your prompt service, Warren. I knew I could count on you.” – Naheda H., Oakville, ON (Customer for 3 year)


“Warren, thank you so much for your great service over the years.” – Lisa P., Oakville, ON (Customer for 8 years)


 “Warren. I appreciate the assistance provided by you and your team over the past few years.” – Christine D., Oakville, ON (Customer for 3 years)


 “Thanks for all of the great work you did keeping Wanda’s lawn looking tidy!” – Henry Z., Burlington, ON (Customer for 3 years)


“Thanks for doing the lawn over the summer, we’ve been really pleased with it.” – Ben D., Burlington, ON (Customer for 7 years)


“Thank you for all years of service and for your special care with mom.” – Gilles P., Oakville, ON (Customer for 10 years)


“Warren. I’m looking forward to another year with you looking after our lawn.” – Dan M., Oakville, ON (Customer for 10 years)





Note: These are actual quotes from emails we’ve received from our customers.  We have used only their last initial instead of their whole last names to protect our customers’ privacy.