What to Expect

We understand that the best way for you to have a great experience with our company is to know the details of how we operate so that your expectations can match up with our normal business practices.

With that in mind, here are a few details that will hopefully answer some questions you may have:


Our Company Policies

We will help you get set up for service with an easy to sign agreement emailed directly to your inbox.

Next day service is available in most locations for new customers.

We guarantee our work.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, then let us know within 24 hours of service and we will make it right.*

We will consider you our customer, and reserve a space for you on our lawn mowing route, from year-to-year until you cancel our services.


(*Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee.)

Satisfaction Guarantee

We care about your satisfaction and we want to earn your approval. Seriously.  If we service your property and you aren’t thrilled with our work then let us know within 24 hours of our service visit and we’ll make it right! If it’s something we can fix by revisiting your property, then we’ll schedule another trip back your place as soon as possible to take care of the issue, usually within 24 hours of notification. 

If the issue is something that we cannot take care of by revisiting your property, then we will not charge you for that most recent service, or, if you prefer, we will hire, and pay for, the competitor of your choice to fix the issue.  Nothing is more important than your complete satisfaction!

There are a couple provisos, however:

1. Fertilizers – You might apply, or hire fertilizer companies to apply, liquid or granular fertilizers and pesticides on your lawn.  These fertilizers cause an unnatural accelerated growth of the turf grass.  In some cases, the lawn may grow up to an inch (2.5 cm) per day!  Your lawn should only grow about 1 inch per week.  Therefore, any lawn that has any type of fertilizers applied to it does not qualify for our Satisfaction Guarantee.

2. Fast Growing Lawn – Some lawns grow very fast in between mows for other reasons, such as excessive watering.  A typical and healthy growth rate for southern Ontario home-lawn turf is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) per week.  Any lawns that have grown more than 1 inch in a week would not qualify for our Satisfaction Guarantee.


Our service includes mowing the lawn, line-trim and dispersal of grass clippings from hard surfaces (such as your driveway, patio and walkways). Please visit our Services Page for details.

We offer weekly lawn mowing service.  The typical lawn-mowing season is 35 weeks long; starting on or about April 1st and ending on or about November 30th. We are available outside of these dates if required.

Once we have established your mowing schedule for the season we will continue to mow your lawn on the same day of the week, however, due to bad weather, or a statutory holiday, we may be forced to mow your lawn a day or two later than usual, but we will return to the regular schedule the following week, weather permitting.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

If you decide that you would like us to not service your property for a particular week, we will require a minimum of 24-hours notice to make that change to our schedule.  Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel or alter your service on your scheduled day.

Our fees will still apply.

Complaints & Damage Claims

Sometimes we make mistakes.  If we do, please let us know.

Call us at 905-467-9079 or email within 24 hours of service for any complaints or damage claims. Our Customer Service Representative will then follow up with you to help resolve the issue.  You have our guarantee that we will get the issue resolved.

Our Commitment to Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell nor give out any customer information.

The trust placed in us by you, our customer, is absolutely essential to our success. We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect your trust.

Please read our privacy policy.

Pricing & Payment Method

Many factors contribute to how our prices are structured and are based on the gross lot size of your property, the service level you have chosen, the topography of your property, etc.  Please call 905-467-9079 or fill out the online form on our ‘Contact Us‘ page for a free quote.

Unusual or irregular properties may need re-pricing after the first visit.

13% HST will be added to all fees.

To help maximize efficiency and convenience, we currently only accept VISA or MASTERCARD as payment.  Cash, checks, or e-transfers are not accepted at this time, unfortunately.

All services are conveniently charged to your credit card on the weekend just before the beginning of the month for the upcoming month.   For example, we may charge your card on July 29th for the service we will provide in the month of August.

We reserve the right to change our prices, services or terms of service offered without notice.

In our continuous efforts to reduce paper usage, please use your credit card provider’s bill as your lawn mowing invoice.  If you require a receipt from us for income tax purposes, we can send you a statement of our services rendered at your property at the end of the season, at your request.

Your private information is securely stored for company purposes only and will not be distributed to other sources. Please read our privacy policy.

Gates & Locks

Free combination locks are available for your back gate to ensure access for our workers, if necessary.

We will close and latch/lock your gate again when we’ve completed servicing your property.

If your gate is locked, and we don’t have the combination, or it is damaged, or our path is somehow blocked in another manner and we cannot gain access to any section of your property, then that section of your yard cannot be serviced on this visit.  Therefore, we will only mow the parts of your turf we can access. The price will remain the same.

Finally, if your gate doesn’t properly latch due to alignment or hardware issues, then we will not be responsible for any damages or losses arising from the non-functioning latch.

Raining on Your Mow Day

We try our best to mow your lawn when the weather is fair and the grass is dry.  However, there are times when we just have to mow when it’s raining.  Obviously, if it’s a torrential downpour, we’ll wait it out, but if it’s just a light-to-medium rain, we will probably keep working.

Contrary to popular belief, we can still work in the rain, even though it is unpleasant and it takes us longer.  We will do our best to make your lawn look as good as possible.

If we do fall behind schedule due to the weather, we will service your property the next available day, then return to your regularly scheduled mow day the following week, weather permitting.

Yellow Lawn - Slow Growth

When the hot and dry portion of the summer season sets in, it may be the case that your lawn has started to turn yellow and hasn’t grown very much since our last mowing service visit.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make any ‘judgement calls’ about whether or not to mow your lawn. Therefore, we will do our part by upholding your regular lawn-mowing schedule and we will rely entirely on you to contact us to skip your lawn for that week, with at least 24-hours notice.

If you haven’t contacted us and we discover that your lawn is yellow and not growing on the week we visit then we will be sure to trim or mow only the areas that need attention.  We will then blow down the hard surfaces as usual to help keep your property looking neat, as needed.

We do this for three reasons:

  1. You may wish that your property be serviced that week because of a special event or some other plans you have for your yard.
  2. You have asked us to add you to our schedule and we have based our staff, equipment, and earnings projections for the season based on servicing your property for the agreed upon number of mows in that season.  We take our financial responsibilities seriously and do all that we can meet our payroll and operating expense obligations.
  3. You have pre-paid for your service and we want to ensure that you get your money’s worth and that we don’t miss anything.

If you do decide that you would like us not to mow your lawn for a particular week, we will require a minimum of 24-hours’ notice to make that change to our schedule.  Our fees will still apply.


Although we will do our best to minimize the mess, it is impossible to keep your pool completely free of grass clippings, especially on a windy day.

We recommend that your pool be covered during your normally scheduled service day, if possible.

Pets in the Yard

We love pets!…but not in the yard.

Our workers are careful to prevent your pets from escaping or being injured but accidents still may happen.  It is highly recommended leaving all pets inside or kenneled on your scheduled service day as we cannot be held responsible for their well-being and safety.

Also, please remember to clean up your dog’s droppings the day before your scheduled service day.  We really appreciate it!

Overgrown Yard

If your lawn is over 15 cm (6″) tall we will consider it to be overgrown.  We will still mow your lawn if the grass is under 30 cm (12″) tall, but you will be charged twice your normal rate.  We will contact you after we mow to inform you of the additional charges.

If your lawn is over 30 cm (12″) tall when we arrive then most likely, we will be unable to mow it on that day.  We will need to schedule a crew with specialized equipment to come back to your property and mow the lawn.  There will be extra charges for this additional service.  We will contact you before this service is provided in order to discuss details.

Your rate will return to normal when we come back for your regular scheduled mow, unless of course, your lawn is overgrown again.

Any lawns that have grown more than 1 inch in a week would not qualify for our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Messy Yard

We realize that life can be busy sometimes and maybe you just plain forgot that we were coming to mow the lawn, or you didn’t have the time to clean your yard of toys, furniture, and debris before we arrived.

Don’t worry, we’ll still mow your lawn, but first we’ll need to clear your yard by putting everything on your patio (except bulky or heavy items).  If you don’t have a patio or if there’s not enough room, then we’ll leave everything in a neat pile on your lawn.  We will charge a flat fee of $20 per visit as often as this additional service is needed.  We will contact you after we mow to inform you of the additional charges.

Also, please remember to clean up your dog’s droppings the day before your scheduled service day.  We really appreciate it!